The 15 best business books to read this winter

As the business owner, you have full control of where your business is heading or what path will it take. It is true that in order for a business to grow, the entrepreneur should have strong strategic and execution capabilities. But unfortunately, these are what many entrepreneurs lack.

Obviously, entrepreneurship is a complex and tricky job that is why entrepreneurs really have to be smart and knowledgeable. Otherwise, he won’t be able to make right decisions and he would not know where he will take his business as well as his team.

Being a knowledgeable entrepreneur does not mean that you build and manage your business on your own. Of course, you can’t build your company by yourself. You have to know what skills are needed to grow the company, how to attract talented people with those skills, communicate your vision to them and give them space to execute on it. You need to inspire your team while maintaining their respect.

Apart from being able to properly manage your team, you also need to know how to understand your customers’ needs. You need to study their purchasing behaviour, preferences, etc.

Experience can be a great teacher if you want to become a smarter entrepreneur. However, it would be faster for you to become an expert if you read books about business. Here are the 15 best books for you:

How to Protect Your Online Reputation in 2017

How to Protect Your Online Reputation in 2017

Almost all businesses nowadays do business online – some sell products and services, while some market through the World Wide Web. So when you run your small business online, it is safe to say that online reputation means a lot.

Reputation is more important for online businesses than those that operate offline. When people like you and your products, they spread the word which will help you get even more traffic and sales. However, when you mess up, it’s easy for one unhappy customer to broadcast it to the world.

Online reputation management is so valuable; protecting your online reputation is not difficult as it sounds. It requires you to conduct business with a certain mindset. If you follow a few basic guidelines in all that you do online, your reputation will take care of itself.

If you want to build great online reputation, it should start with outstanding customer service. It will usually keep anyone from talking badly about your service. Since lots of online businesses have shameful customer service practices, it’s not too hard to be better than the competition in this area.

A large part of what reputation management companies do is monitoring the internet to find out what customers are saying about you. If you invest a little bit of time, you can do this yourself.

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How to Create the Perfect Business Logo when Design is not your Thing

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What is a company logo? Why is it important? It is a typographical mark intended to convey not only the name of a company, but also its character and its values. It normally consists of a high-quality graphic image that will be used to represent the company’s product or service being offered.

Arguably, having the most appropriate business logo is the most important element available to represent a business especially in nowadays. Today, we are living in the digital age where first impressions are everything. Hence, designing the right logo for your business is normally the first step in properly branding a company and its products.

Your company logo is an integral, indelible aspect of your business’ identity within your markets. Your company’s logo creates the first impression people will have of your business. It’s the most important graphic image of your company, one that summarises and represents your brand – to your employees, partners and most importantly of all, to customers.

If you are able to create a professionally designed business logo, you have an unmistakable sign of a company’s strength, its self-image, the scope of its services and the kind of products it offers.

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The 5 Tricks To Build A Startup Like A Pro

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Starting a new business is adventurous and exciting event. However, according to statistics, majority of new businesses fail within the first two years.

There are many reasons why a startup business fails. One of the most common reasons of failure is lack of money; when a business fails to generate sales, it also goes down as well. Another reason why a business fails is because of lack of experience, knowledge and expertise. However, the opposite is true. While it helps to go to school and learn the tricks of the trade, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot start a business because you do not have a degree.

When starting a business, research is vital. You need to ask the right questions. This is all part of the research process. You may research questions you need to have answers for if you do not know what questions to ask. It is okay to search on Google or Bing and quickly search for important questions to ask when starting a business.

Once you have done your research, the next step for you to take is to know your target customers. Do some research and see if there are any typical or general interests the target audience has. If you already know them or know their interests, then you are ahead of the game.

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10 Tips to a Powerful Email Marketing Strategy

PhotoEmail marketing may be an older version of web marketing compared to social media, search engine, and content marketing. However, this form of email marketing can still bring you tons of benefits as long as you build and use it the right way. When you know the right strategies to use, you can get best results from it.

Using email to market products and services is a form of direct marketing, which is used to communicate for commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience. Email helps organisations speak or express any fresh idea or information in a more quickly and happily manner compared to the marketing methods we used in the past. Similarly, it helps companies by decreasing their burden in form of thrift and keeping record of every communication.

One great benefit of email marketing is that it does not only allow organisations to send information to a large group with just a single click, but email marketing also allows them to follow up sales. This means that if someone buys a product from you and you have other related products, you can take help of emails to send them info about relevant products to those they have previously purchased.

Email marketing can be tricky especially if you are doing this for the first time. To make it easier and simpler for you, you should check this post out from

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